Rebel Telugu Movie Review

Banner: Sri Balaji Cine Media
Cast: Prabhas, Tamanna, Deesksha Seth, Krishnam Raju, Brahmanandam
Music: Raghava Lawrence
Producer: J Baghavan , Pulla Rao
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Raghava Lawrence

Story :

Rebel Star Prabhas’s Rebel Telugu Movie starts with gang of Bad guys killing city DSP in a rainy Night & Rushi (Prabhas) comes to Hyderabad purpose of finding Steffen Robins. During this process he goes to Bangkok to get an important clue from Nandhini(Tamanna) who teaches hip hop dances in a dance school. Nandhini(Tamanna) falls in love with Rushi.Rushi’s father ‘Rebel’ Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju) is a powerful Don. Bhupathi is cheated by his brother. What are the reasons which made Rushi come to Hyderabad from Vizag to find Steffen Robins? Steffen Robins a single person or two persons? What is the role of Deesksha Seth? Will Rishi succeed? Has to be seen on silver screen

Analysis :

Prabhas looks quite handsome throughout the movie. Rebel Star Krishnam Raju has played a crucial role in the film and he is good as the powerful Don Bhupathi.Rebel Telugu Movie first half is filled up with Rushi (Prabhas) trying to find out who is Steffen Robinson? How he looks like?. Comedy portion handled by Brahmanandam. Few scenes with Brahmanandam & Kovai Sarala were not good. Tamanna introduction song, little skin show by her and Prabhas dances moves are good. Second half is very week. Some of the fight scenes are good. Boring flashback which shows key roles of Krishnam Raju & Deesksha Seth. Fight Sequences which are choreographed by Ram Laxma for last ten minutes in the climax were good.

Performances :

Rebel Satr Prabhas has become a complete director’s actor in this film, he has given the best he can and what story needed from him. Action scenes especially fights were good by him and this film have the best dance moves in his film career. Tamanna has successfully done her job to a maximum extent. Tamanna dancing skills must get special appreciation.  Deesksha Seth role was short & sweet and Rebel star Krishnam Raju is neat & clean with one fight scene specially choreographed. Top Comedians Brahmanandam, Kovai Sarla, Ali & M.S.Naryana has done a good job. Mukesh Rushi has given good performance and Pradeep Rawat has also made their mark in this film.

Technicalities :

Rebel Telugu Movie Director Raghava Lawrence has disappointed with his directional skills. Story narration is slow with not so gripping screenplay and taking more responsibilities in the entire film. Songs of this film looked good onscreen but when you listen it without video then it’s tasteless. Editing by Marthand k.Venkatesh is ok. 40 crores of Budget spend by the producer is not visual on the big screen.

Final Word :

Rebel Star Prabhas has tried for mass crowds this time. Rebel is a mass offering that will appeal to hardcore Prabhas fans. Tamanna with superb dances and high glamour attracts the audience. But Lawrence could not sustain in this moment. Long second half will also work against the movie. For regular commercial cinema lovers, Rebel will be an ok watch.

Rebel Review Rating: 3/5

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